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Our Capital Markets Group is a team of debt capital markets, derivatives and credit specialists who provide our clients with comprehensive financing solutions in the context of the international capital markets.

By reputation and results, our Capital Markets Group has become a premier provider of debt and equity products, as well as ideas that address our clients’ specific needs.

Our goal is to utilise the global MUFG platform to deliver innovative and holistic financing solutions to our clients across a broad range of products worldwide.

The Convertible & Equity-Linked Securities team provides a full range of equity-linked products, investment options, and comprehensive execution capabilities. Our convertible expertise includes sales, trading and analysis of US and international convertible bonds, convertible preferred shares, warrants and structured products.

The distinctive combination of our experience, focus, global reach and thought leadership provides our clients with an unparalleled resource.

As the fixed income market becomes ever more credit-focused, with the expansion of investment grade corporate, emerging market and high yield bond issuance, companies are increasingly seeing the benefit of having balanced and diversified sources of funding.

The Credit Advisory and Solutions team works with clients to provide the best possible access to the bond markets. This may involve credit ratings assessment, investor relations guidance and solutions (including roadshows), and/or the assessment of potential M&A implications on an issuer’s credit profile within the capital markets.

We also provide advice about capital structure and appropriate debt instruments, and liability management for debt portfolio optimisation.

The Debt Capital Markets team advises clients on capital raising activities and connects them with our global investor base. We provide a bespoke service and direct multi-currency access to the international capital markets for the significant customer base of MUFG’s corporate bank, MUFG Bank, as well as a broad range of public sector and financial institutions.

We focus on determining the most effective funding strategies for our clients. These range from origination and underwriting to interest rate and cross-currency hedging activities; and from liability management and hybrid capital to project bonds and private placements. We are involved in gauging a wide variety of issuer- and market-specific factors and, with the help of our International Syndicate Desk, formulating the pricing strategy and managing the entire execution of the funding exercise.

The Derivative Solutions team provides hedging solutions for corporate clients looking to manage asset or liability risk, focusing on liability risk management and structured deposits.

Working alongside our Debt Capital Markets team and in close partnership with MUFG’s corporate bank, MUFG Bank, we ensure that our clients experience seamless execution that meets their objectives. We provide creative ideas, competitive pricing and robust post-trade support, including strong trade restructuring capabilities.

We are an experienced, multinational team with extensive regional and product expertise, supported by a robust infrastructure. Our products include interest-rate swaps, cross-currency swaps, caps, floors, collars, swaptions, inflation swaps and first-generation exotics.

As a result of our strong balance sheet commitment, value-added advice, competitive funding cost, and professional Rates Trading team, we have become a top-five counterparty for a rapidly growing number of EMEA-based corporate clients.

The Equity Capital Markets team provides experience, insight, quality execution and a powerful, unique global distribution network. Our sales and trading professionals have long-standing relationships with over 400 institutional accounts, and with an average of 15 years’ experience, they have a thorough knowledge of our clients’ investment objectives.

Our Equity Capital Markets platform delivers a powerful distribution network to our corporate issuers, combined with a unique, action-oriented research product from our desk strategists. Our investor coverage is unique in that we focus on middle-market funds, which complements the marketing process, and we leverage our Japanese heritage, integrating our global coverage of Asian institutional investors. This comprehensive coverage gives us a unique insight into Japanese and Asian investors who are increasingly looking to the US markets for growth and yield-oriented investments.

For corporate clients seeking to execute equity related deals, the Capital Markets Group provides underwriting and execution activities as bookrunner / lead-manager, and supports the origination of equity primary deals including convertible and exchangeable bonds in all major currencies, providing access to investors across Asia, Europe and the US.

The Investment Grade team provides world-class debt capital markets advice and execution capabilities to MUFG’s highly-rated clients. We work in collaboration with MUFG Bank to provide sophisticated solutions and seamless advice that help clients meet their capital objectives for various types of transactions. These include strategic M&A, transformative capital structure and periodic refinancing transactions.
The Leveraged Finance team creates tailored financing solutions for non-investment grade corporate clients. Our high yield professionals focus on originating, structuring, underwriting and executing debt financings.
The Liability Management team provides clients with cost-saving strategies for executing liability management transactions in both the investment grade and high yield markets. Typical transactions include debt tenders and exchanges.
The Municipal Finance team offers state and local governments, not-for-profit entities, corporations and other issuers of municipal securities underwriting, execution and distribution of taxable and tax-exempt municipal bonds and notes.
The Private Placements team offers advisory services and transaction execution to MUFG’s corporate clients and project finance sponsors who wish to raise capital while remaining private. We also advise public entities that wish to issue private market securities.
The Rating Agency Advisory team has extensive experience in providing rating agency assistance to corporations. We understand the issues that are of the greatest concern to the rating agencies, and are able to perform detailed analysis of financial structures, provide options on borrowing capacity, and review the credit and ratings implications of privatisations, acquisitions, share-repurchase programmes and recapitalisations.