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Market commentary
Our clients benefit from access to professional insights and analysis of various markets across a number of geographies. These range from macroeconomics to views on individual securities in equity, credit and convertible bond markets.
Our Credit Strategists publish daily news segments, analysis and trade ideas.

MUFG credit strategists follow a wide range of debt issuers in both corporate and financial markets. Our analysis includes both developed market debt issuers and credits in emerging markets. Our product focus ranges from senior and subordinated bank debt, to senior and hybrid corporate bonds and convertible bonds. Analysis is provided directly to our client base on a daily basis and a library of reports on our website is available to clients.

In the US, MUFG offers insightful and differentiated research across the Energy, REIT, and Technology industries. Through our analysts’ experience and expertise in key industry sectors, our US Equity Research platform provides in-depth research to clients and investors to aid them in making sound investment decisions.

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Our Economic Research team provide an analysis of the global economic outlook with a particular reference to the requirements of our client base and the financial markets in which we are active, whether that relates to sales, trading, or a business capacity.

Areas of special expertise include the study of global capital flows, the European Monetary Union, the Japanese monetary situation, international financial stability issues and capital market pricing.

Regular research output includes our Economic Viewpoint (daily), Economic Calendar (weekly) and Market Perspectives (quarterly).

As our flagship publication, Market Perspectives covers currency outlook, capital markets outlook, global flow of funds, business cycle and monetary trends. Each chapter provides a full overview of the economic and market outlook, together with the consideration of alternative scenarios, financial risks, and possible investment strategies.